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Instructions : Mac players

If you do not need subtitles :

Choose any player in the table on the preceding page and do :

File--> Open file --> Choose the file Dimensions_n_xyz.mov

where n is the chapter number and xyz is the chosen spoken language ('Arab', English, Espanol, Français).

If you need subtitles :

We suggest three players:  VLC, Mplayer, Chroma.
Don't hesitate to recommend others tu us...

VLC logo

VLC 0.8.6h

VLC does not seem to work correctly for Arabic.

Very convenient for subtitles in languages other than Chinese, Japanese ( for which you need to choose a different font than the default "LucidaGrande".

File --> Open file--> Browse then choose the folder Dimensions_n_xyz, where n is the chapter number and xyz is the chosen spoken language ('Arab', English Espanol, Français). All subtitles can then be selected from Video--> Subtiles track.
Languages are ordered from 1 to 12 (alphabetical order of the country codes). This does not work for Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.

If you want to select a specific language :
File --> Open file--> Browse then choose the folder Dimensions_n_xyz. 

Tick 'Load subtitles fileand then Settings.
Browse and choose the the desired subtitle file. In Subtitles encodings, choose UTF-8.

If you want Chinese or Japanese subtitles.
Preferences-->Video-->Subtitles/0SD-->Text renderer
Browse and choose a Chinese of Japanese font in /System/Library/Fonts/. (sometimes, in order to modify the font, one has to "Reset all"). 

For Arabic one proceeds exactly in the same way but we did not find an Arabic font which also deals with the few Latin symbols that one find in the commentaries. Any suggestion is welcome !

Note that in Preferences --> Video --> Subtitles/OSD --> Text Renderer, it is possible to adjuste the size and aspect of the subtitles. The position of the subtitles can be adjusted in Input/Codecs --> other codecs--> Subtitles.



Mplayer OSX 1.0 rc2

Works fine with all languages (except those that ware written from right to left : Arabic and Hebrew) but only enables one language at a time (this is enough !).

One has to rename the chosen subtitle file by deleting the suffix of the subtitle in such a way that the name of the film Dimensions_n_xyz.mov (xyz is the spoken language, 'Arab', English Espanol, Français) and the chosen subtitle file becomes Dimensions_n_xyz.srt. 

Preferences --> General. In Subtitles settings, choose a font and UTF-8 text encoding. "Arial Unicode" works well for all languages (except Chinese and Japanese and these need another font) but one can choose other nice fonts as well.

File--> Open Choose the film Dimensions_n_xyz.mov.


Chroma 2007.3

The most convenient player for subtitles, for all languages, but... unfortunately not free...
Open Movie Files --> Choose the film Dimensions_n_xyz.mov 

Select the subtitles in  Movie.